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Surf the web anonymously with the power of Opera


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Every time, more and more people want to and prefer to surf the web completely hidden and anonymously.

Opera Tor is a free Windows application, based on the web browser Opera and Firefox to surf the web using Tor and the Polipo proxy that will allow you to surf the internet anonymously and confidentially in such a way that the web page that you are visiting will not be able to see your location of where you are visiting from.

Opera Tor does not save cookies, or cache pages, it also does not save images or save your sessions. Scripts are deactivated from the start like browser plug-ins.

Also a good feature is that if you want to turn off your anonymity for some time you can do this very quickly from the bottom right of the browser by clicking the "Enable Proxy Servers" button.

This way, Opera Tor becomes a truly great option for those people that want to surf the web anonymously from their own computer!